Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple
Phonics-Based Lessons for Elementary, Teen, and Adult Students
Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple is a thoughtfully designed, well-crafted reading program that takes students from being nonreaders to being confident, full-fledged readers in 90 lessons. The lessons teach the letter and sound patterns of the English language. Students learn to associate alphabet letters and letter combinations with their assigned sounds. Concepts are explained in terms of “patterns” rather than “rules”—a far less intimidating approach for most students. Spelling and word comprehension are emphasized throughout the curriculum. These lessons have been successfully used in Tier 2 (Response to Intervention) programs.

Any person who knows how to read can use this book to teach someone else how to read. Previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite. The program is systematic, sequential, and research-based, and directions for teaching the lessons are concise and easy to follow. Since the format for all 90 lessons is the same, teacher preparation is kept to a minimum. Reading and Spelling is ideally suited for one-on-one instruction but can be used effectively in small groups.

​If your goal is to create an authentic, self-assured reader and you’re looking for a program to equip you in every way, this book is for you. No frills, complicated lessons, or lengthy explanations . . . just a solid, ingenious reading program that works . . . pure and simple!
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Easy lessons, step-by-step success, pure & simple.
The lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple are carefully engineered to ensure success, both for the student and the tutor, and a teaching background is not a prerequisite for the person conducting the lessons. If the tutor can read, he or she can use this book to teach someone else to read.

Each lesson comes with one page of easy-to-follow instructions. The method is the same for all 90 lessons, providing a predictable routine with which everyone will be comfortable.
Our vision
There are millions of very bright and capable adults, teens, and children that struggle to read, spell, and comprehend across America. Our vision is to find people, organizations, and schools who will purchase and be willing to teach these struggling readers using the lessons. 

We believe that most of these strugglers can discover, through our very carefully structured lessons, that they can read, spell, and comprehend with skill and ease. We have had too many success stories to not continue the work. This happens through the many organizations that are setup to make a difference in the lives of strugglers including school teachers, moms, dads, volunteers, tutors, churches, Adult Learn to Read Organizations, prisons, and colleges.