Teacher reviews:
“This is a highly effective reading program. It is being used to instruct all level of students, including those diagnosed with learning disabilities, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism spectrum. I have found it effective for ESL and ELL students. Students enjoy learning the patterns and all of the vocabulary words. In addition to guiding students into becoming accomplished readers, the program ensures that students will successfully pronounce, spell, and comprehend word meanings.”

-Laura Vanderhoeven, ESL 2nd grade teacher, Midland ISD

“This is a must have for any teacher. This is the most amazing program. It gets the students excited about reading. The students feel successful and cannot wait to come to reading group to work on their next lesson. I have tried several other intervention programs with my students who were not progressing or feeling successful about themselves. I used this program from the last week in January to the first week of April and I had students who went up six reading levels! These were students who were stuck at the same reading level for at least a year or more and some were ELLs. This program made them know the words. It is easy to use and your students will LOVE reading. I am excited about teaching reading again!”

-Shannon Smith, 3rd grade teacher, Midland ISD

"I began using this program a year ago for reading intervention with second graders.  I soon realized this program was beneficial for ALL my students.  After beginning these lessons in a whole group setting I saw an increase in vocabulary, students were confident enough to begin dissecting words on their own (instead of constantly asking, "What's this word?"), and some students also started phonetically spelling 3-syllable words on their own initiative. This system helps all individuals (ELL, students with learning disabilities, and slow learners) achieve success in reading as well as provides them with motivation to continue their growth.  I would recommend this program to any teacher, tutor, or homeschooling parent, and I will recommend it to my new third grade team members. I can't wait to get started! "
-Chantalle Stevenson, Westlake Michigan Elementary teacher

"I have two students [ELL, English Language Learners] from Burma in my classroom and couldn’t be more pleased with their progress. I started them off in the Pre-Unit in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple.  I can tell they are gaining in confidence.  Before they were silent and solemn; now they are laughing and joking. They were so proud to tell their mother that they could read (and spell!) seven words in English after only their first lesson.”       
-Texas Elementary Teacher

 "I am teaching kindergarten and this book just clicks for my students. It makes sense of the letters, words and sentences!  This year, it isn’t even the end of the first semester and almost half of my students are already on reading level and about 80% (79% to be exact) are on tier 1 on istation!!!  The phonemic awareness portion of the test was passed by 95%!!  This book eliminates guessing and has them actually reading!  The kids love it and feel so proud of themselves.  I am so proud of them!  I only wish I had done this book with my students sooner last year."

-Emily, Kindergarten teacher, Texas

“I have had the privilege of being in education for 30 years. As a teacher in Special Services for the past 7 years, I have had flexibility to help students in various subjects and at various grade levels. A friend asked me to work with one of her students, a once-retained 5th grader who had stalled out in reading at the kindergarten level. He had not been able to pass any of his TAKS tests and was at risk of being retained for a second time. Although he had been in the intervention reading program for several years, he just wasn’t progressing. I started working with him using the lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple. After only 6 weeks he jumped 3 grade levels in reading! (I was spending between 30 and 45 minutes a day with him, three times a week.) By the end of the school year, this student not only reached grade level but progressed beyond the 5th grade! He passed all of his TAKS tests for the first time and was recognized at the national level as one of the top students in reading improvement! He also came out of his shell and became more confident in his interactions with peers and began participating more in classroom activities.

“It is so rewarding to help students succeed! I have worked with children throughout my teaching career, using numerous programs and techniques to improve their reading skills. Never have I had as much success as I have had using Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple. The simplicity of the program makes it both teacher and student friendly. And it requires little preparation. What more could any educator ask than simplicity and success? I highly recommend using this program to teach students to read and spell.”

-Deehona Minton Wolfe, Tutor,  In-service Director, Retired Teacher

“An aide in our building was assigned a student diagnosed with autism who was refusing to participate in learning activities. His classroom aide, Ginger, started using the lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple with him. He became engaged—even to the point that he began making up sentences to illustrate the meanings of the words! We have been delighted with this student’s progress!”

-Oklahoma Elementary Teacher

A few success stories...
The summer before one student entered the seventh grade, he tested at a second grade level.  His mother began working with him using Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple during the summer.  His next test showed that he had improved in his reading four grade levels.  The mother shared her excitement with us as she started to receive notes from his teachers that she had never seen before, “Doing good work.”  She recently sent us a copy of his college acceptance letter.    

One student started his fifth grade year reading on a kindergarten level.  By Christmas, working with one teacher between twenty minutes to an hour, two or three times per week, he had tested at his own grade level.  By the end of the fifth grade, he was testing above his fifth grade level, having completed only 55 of the 90 lessons in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple.    
A twenty-one-year old flunked the city police exam.  In three weeks, working two or three days a week, for two to three hours a day, he read and spelled through to Lesson 33 (of 90) in Reading and Spelling Pure & Simple.  He took the County Sherriff’s exam and confidently passed it, realizing he was reading and spelling from left-to-right, syllable to syllable, and understanding what he was reading.  He was able to read his oral vocabulary with ease and was thrilled.
Five students shared time, one-on-one with an Aide (thirty minutes in a classroom every day – second semester of 3rd grade).  These students improved between two and four grade levels (according to SRI) in three weeks, using these lessons during that thirty minutes exclusively.
One autistic third grader in Oklahoma refused to participate in any classroom work.  He was introduced to the lessons and began to focus and work very hard.  The aide assigned to him was thrilled.  Other parents of autistic children have found ways to build reading and spelling skills with their students when using these lessons.